Terrorist Threats Continue Against A Pink

This week has seen a drastic continuation of the previous death threats against A Pink, with a bomb threat phoned in against their Comeback Showcase and now a building evacuation for Music Bank.  allkpop reports:

On June 30 at approximately 10:30 AM KST, KBS-2TV received a call with the message, “[I] have installed a bomb at ‘Music Bank’, where A Pink will be.” 

At the time, artists who were scheduled to record ‘Music Bank’ this day were filing in, with fans waiting for their artists outside the building. After the threatening call, a squad from Seoul’s Metropolitan Police showed up to the KBS building immediately and evacuated an estimated 150 fans.

The police are currently searching the site alongside a bomb disposal unit, with police lines installed outside the ‘Music Bank’ building. They told news outlets, “After confirming to see if a bomb has been planted on the site or not, if we do not find any evidence of the threat, we plan on seeking out the caller’s location.”

Dispatch has posted photos taken on the ‘Music Bank’ rehearsal site. Previously, an alleged fan threatened to plant bombs during A Pink’s comeback showcase.


–I’m going to assume that “we plan on seeking out” business is a bit lost in translation:  surely discovering the caller’s location and identity and apprehending him is a big priority at this point.

Otherwise, A Pink’s comeback seems to be going rather well.  Everybody has all of a sudden discovered that A Pink is–as a group– “old”, which is a bit painful; but pretty much everyone also agrees that “Five” highlights the members in what is objectively their radiant youthfulness.  That “Five” will do better on the charts than “Only One” seems to be a foregone conclusion; now, we just hope not to get drowned out by “juniors” like Blahpink and Mamamoo (Mamamoo is really apples-to-oranges period, since the whole “girlcrush” thing is not, contra to what its adherents like to think, really germane to what girl groups are about), or the forthcoming Red Velvet comeback (which I do hope, by the by, will redeem them from their iffy last pair of comebacks).

We wish international law enforcement speedy success in putting an end to this reign of terror, and of course we fervently hope A Pink and all the fans remain safe.  May the graceful sonic ease of “Five” lighten our summer and waft A Pink to heady physical album sales and strong digital and maybe even an Inkigayo trophy once more!  A Pink hwaiting safely!


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