When I go on youtube to watch A Pink’s “Five”, it shows me an ad in Korean with some bitch begging for “acceptance” of her confused son

Listen faggot Jews, get your schmucky pro-sterility shit out of mine and all righteous people’s eyeballs.

You can practice that filth in Israel or your (consenting 18+ only) romper room in Silicon Valley.  But the inch-deep “tolerance” for your crapotry you’ve cultivated through the boobtube upon the social-conformist minds of silly females will evaporate quickly in the heat of Pestilence, Famine, War, and Poverty:  all of which (thanks to you) are speeding on the wing.

Apres le crash, we are not only going to burn all your damn homogamy laws, but quite possibly bring back the burning stake to deal with those of you who have too zealously whooped it up at the expense of everyone else’s nerves.

The damned CIA just pushed “gay” “marriage” on poor Taiwan: but one day those people shall be independent of the United States, and then they shall GLADLY shove your pro-homo agitprop where your sun don’t shine.

Shame upon sodomy.  And treble vengeance upon the unholy imperialists who have weaponized “muh gay son” kitsch to destroy the nations.  Get a life, homo Jews.  But you can’t have ours.


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