T-ara’s Very Emotional Win on “The Show”

Eunjung was already away, on account of her role on a tv drama, and of course Boram and Soyeon are not here, but when the winner was announced, Hyomin, Qri, and Jiyeon were reduced to absolute speechlessness:

After five long years of ugly hatred at home, based upon wicked little lies, at last they are, once again–if only so awfully, painfully late– honored again in Korea.

And cute little Jeonghwa on hand for this moment!  EXID has a long shadow history in K-pop, being Shinsadong Tiger’s in-house group, honing the demos for many a K-pop hit, including many of T-ara’s.  Plus she was in the Wonder Girl’s “Tell Me” video when she was about twelve!  Her presence lends a kind of royal touch to this solemnity (she’s only been hosting on The Show for about a month).  Plus there’s April Naeun at Hyomin’s right, looking most affected.

And backup dancers at last to the rescue.  What an epic moment in the history of pop music.  What legends!  Glorious T-ara, forever hwaiting!



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