Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Cries Singing “Ugly”

In further teary-eyed doings of K-pop this week, Seunghee had an emotional scene during OMG’s first Concert when she teared up while covering 2NE1’s feministyish song “Ugly”:

Seunghee herself is, of course, the duckling of the Oh My Girl beauty basket, and was early on pegged with the “ugly” epitaph on Korean search engines, so I can imagine this hurt her feelings.  She is, of course, a very cute and attractive girl, and we love her.

Of course, she’s not Jiho in the looks department either, and Looks are an objective fact, so I resent that peabrains online are taking this as an excuse to go all PCU about lookism and “inner beauty” and all that crap, trying to enlist Seunghee for some “you go girl” crap and reassure their ugly selves that beauty is “subjective”.

Seunghee, you are a pleasing and prepossessing young lady!  But don’t be misled into anti-hierarchism.  You are, after all, Main Vocal!  Just like Jiho is the most beautiful girl in the world!

–Also, I know OMG like their shiny Doc Martens and all, but why is she outfitted like Blackpink for this?  That orange mesh overlay is a bit too Teen Vogue for my taste.  Or maybe I’m just saying that because of my late rant against Blackpink, but still . . . .

[UPDATE]:  Speaking of shiny Docs:

Champion youtube commenter May Be notes Jiho’s serious expression circa 1:52, “like a manager”.  Lolz true!  All the other members look so lustrously alluring as they stand in their black outfits watching remotely  Arin and Seunghee do their MCing turn onstage.


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