8NSD Further Craps on SNSD’s Legacy By Tiffany Getting Tattoos

Japanese word for “girls” on her finger, and some motto in Korean on her foot.  A potentially trolling commenter at allkpop editorializes:

Through her embrace of lingual diversity, Stephanie Young is a true cosmopolitan in these parochial, intolerant times.

–Snort.  Well, two languages used is two more than will ever be used by a nagger or a border-hopping mestizo.  But what would be sophisticated and elegant in these retarded, standardless times is not to get a tattoo!

And this slag helped kick Jessica out of the group!  Parochial and intolerant indeed: Tiffany has become a lowclass bitch.

And to think, back in 2012 I used to fantasize I might one day discuss the writings of Mencius with her . . . .

story at:  http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/06/girls-generations-tiffany-shows-off-her-new-tattoos


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