A Pink Under Police Protection After Death Threat

A man apparently already subject to legal action by Plan A Ent for criminal activities (making false accusations? stalking?) phoned in a threat to stab A Pink members to death, resulting in a police squad sent to their dormitory.  Earlier today, from allkpop:

“Police personnel was dispatched by Seoul Gangnam’s Police Station after receiving an emergency call of a death threat towards A Pink.

“A broadcast affiliate revealed in an exclusive to Osen, “On June 14, around 9 pm KST about six or seven police officials rushed over to A Pink’s agency (Plan A Entertainment).  It seems they were ordered to provide protection and immediately investigate the site after receiving death threat calls pertaining to A Pink.”

“According to the affiliate, additional security forces were also dispatched at the rehearsal studio where A Pink was residing in Seoul’s Gangbuk district in case there were any further instances.

“Currently, police are investigating just who may have issued the death threat call as well as further information such as background and whereabouts of the culprit.  Representatives at A Pink’s agency are not responding to any phone calls at the moment after witnessing the frightening situation.”


The Korea Herald updates:

Around 7:40 p.m. on Wednesday, an unidentified man called Gangnam Police Station in Seoul and said that he wanted to stab Apink members to death at 9 p.m. in retaliation against their agency’s filing of charges against him. Officers were immediately sent to Plan A and a request was made for Apink’s protection.

The members of the group had been at a practice facility in Seongdong-gu, eastern Seoul, at the time of the threat.


We of course pray A Pink is safe from this, and all, evil.  There is no greater care we can entrust to the Seoul Police force, and may they swiftly apprehend this perpetrator, and keep A Pink calm and safe through this trying ordeal.  God shield A Pink, always!


One comment

  1. Update: the stalker remains at large as of this writing. He has by phone disavowed the intention to kill A Pink (for what that’s worth) but also declines to turn himself in. Hopefully he will soon be apprehended and this ugly episode will be behind A Pink and us all.

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