Xuan Yi’s Pigtails, and Other Pleasures of WJSN’s “Happy”: The Music Bank Comeback

Now, no force on earth can move me to claim that “Happy” is up to the stratospheric standard set by WJSN’s shock-and-awe pair of previous singles, “Secret” and “I Wish”.  Compared to them, this TWICE-style summer cheerleader romp is mediocre stuff.

But still, this is WJSN, the supercharged, supersized, superglorious girl group that, in a more equitable world, would be kicking to the curb Gay Why Pee’s stupid TWICE and storming their way to the Nation’s Girl Group title.  Indeed, knowing JYP (and yes, the man is a genius, but–) he’ll screw things up with TWICE anyway, and hopefully WJSN can sail right in to the vacuum.

And, damnit, at least in this  performance, with Music Bank working up to their recent standard penchant for overexposed, supersaturated stages, “Happy” is quite enjoyable.  The girls are, as always, gorgeous, and just taking score of their new hair colors is a joyous task in itself (am I crazy, or wasn’t Mei Qi just a blonde on Inkigayo though?).

Of course, waifu Goddess 선의 has swallowed light and is blinding me as ever!  Xuan Yi hwaiting!

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