Jin Loves Snoopy! We Love Jin! Happy Birthday Jin!

Lovelyz Goddess Jin turns twenty-one!

Jin snoopy hat twitter

We wish Jin a very happy birthday on this young and youthful milestone!

Here is Jin, back in the days of “Amusement Park” when she didn’t have any lines on stage because she had a cold when they recorded it.  But we can admire Jin dance!

And here is refulgent Jin in one of her legendary Jin tops (have we ever collected them all in one place?)


And in more recent music, our beloved Myungeun ushered out the last of her year as a 20 with the glorious “Now, We”:


But Jin is still more than “just” the co-Main Vocal of an elite girl group: she is a loveablyz quirky, unpredictable, mysterious, and highly romantical young woman whose adorable humors always shoot straight into my heart.


Jin, may God keep you safe and well through all the great adventures still in store for your sublime musical life-journey.  You are beautiful and gifted and forever endearing, and we can never bestow enough attention upon your mighty works–but, God willing, we shall try.  We love you Jin!!  Happy birthday Jin!!

Jin Lovelyz weheartit

Jin hwaiting!!


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