Is this the Fiestar “Mirror” Performance I’m Always Thinking Of?

Long ago, there was a Fiestar “Mirror” performance in seagreen costumes, and I thought it particularly fetching and meant to post it.  But I always recalled it as an Inkigayo stage, and so whenever I looked for it again at SBS’s channel and couldn’t find it, I figured it must’ve been lost from youtube.

But perhaps it was this Show! Music Core stage all along.  The colors seem right at least.

Anyway, “Mirror” continues to be a song that quietly haunts me.  That pair of moody albums Fiestar made don’t seem to have done them commercial favors, and perhaps they dug too deeply into that dark vein.  But this remains my favorite of their tracks from that period, and it has its own darkly twinkling sensuality that casts a spell.


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