ZhukovG: “There are two sides to ‘Demographics is Destiny’.”

At Vox Popoli he comments:

There are two sides to ‘Demographics is Destiny’. The Birthrate and the Deathrate. For White/European peoples the first is fine, because we are very good at inflicting the second.

Indeed.  It is time for all Western nations to unleash their firepower against incoming “refugees”, and put their forces to work on the dispossession and removal of all “refugees” and “immigrants” on their soil.

Europe is White–period.  There is no room there for any Arab, Turk, Syrian, Persian, Paki, or African population.  No Muslims, no blacks, no Middle Easterners–regardless of their “papers”.  No non-Aryan can ever be a German.  Halfbreeds and quarterbreeds must be expelled too–and I think the willing breeders need to make socioeconomic aaliyah to the genetic culture they chose.  Let Brazil have them if Brazil wants them– perhaps they would be at home there.  But not in Europe.



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