Flying Dolphins Are Now a Thing (in K-pop)

Of course maybe flying dolphins started somewhere else and they’re just one of those things, like “dreamcatchers”, that have caught on with the world of K-pop.  But pretty much everything today in the drugged-out, queerified, Jew-led “Western” world is such Satanic trash, even if we chanced to start some “cute” fad I guarantee it’ll be much better handled by Asians than by ourselves.  Not that I want them appropriating, even inadvertently, any freemasonic memes but I’ll assume for present purposes that flying dolphins are cute and harmless– which is certainly how they look in these examples.

First, the second and last Lovelyz “Now, We” stage on Show! Music Core.  I’ve focused most of my re-viewings on the Inkigayo Comeback stage lately, but this is neglectful not only of the awesome-sparkling Music Core Comeback but this stage too.  I had watched it before, but somehow after it sank in that “Now, We” would get only two weeks of promotions, instead of spreading my love over the fewer performances available I hoarded them even more tightly.  Since “Now, We” did well digitally and the repackage album took a Gaon Chart No. 1, it’s a little concerning that promotions were so brief.  I don’t want to slavedrive the girls, and I know someone else (Jisoo?  Mijoo?) started to have a bad knee, but I am wondering whether Woolim thought through the timing.  Oh My Girl’s epic promotions last year may well have helped sicken JinE, but in “Now, We”s case this new single was promoted as long as OMG did “One Step, Two” before they came right back and gave “Windy Day” a full month or more of promotions.

Anyway, end of doom and gloom rant: this minimal stage and cloud-swooping dolphins presentation is really pretty!


Sujeong still gets the hippie dreamcatcher feather earrings.  They look cute on her but I hope Sujeong doesn’t turn out too “boho” for real.  I love the blue on Yein’s dress, but Jin and Kei get the most regal interpretations on these idyllic peasant looks.

–It took me forever to find this second instance because I just watched it earlier today and (not being an I.O.I. follower) I knew nothing of her.  People are raving with Taeyeon and Jessica comparisons (which in terms of K-pop drama is, one supposes, like comparing Kirk and Khan).  One might take the dolphins (and equivalent sqeaks in the arrangement) as an evocation of Jessica’s famous vocal squeal, but overall I think Chung Ha’s voice closer to Taeyeon’s.

Anyway all the hippie-boho accoutrements are on display, but I also find the backup dancers’ butts cute.  This is like a somewhat more chill version of Luna’s “Free Somebody”, so perhaps I’ll continue to check it out.  Not the most original music– but summer is a season for many derivative things, like 9Muses’ “Hurt Locker”, which can still be enjoyable.

Speaking of which: isn’t there a 4Muses new single about to drop? . . .


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