Happy Birthday Jiyeon!

The maknae of formerish T-ara turns twenty-four!

Jiyeon item_107867_960px_

Sigh.  My heart is heavy for all the T-ara members, in this awkward and painful season as the group is essentially “dead”, but force-marched for one final comeback without Soyeon and Boram, and all under the humiliating lies and megalomaniac delusions of KKS.

But whatever the future holds for T-ara collectively, Jiyeon and her bandmates can always be proud of the extraordinary body of work they created together, often under the hardest of circumstances.

Jiyeon Italia no 15

And darling Jiyeon, once Korea’s It Girl of television and music, is still a beautiful vision, and we hope this birthday is one of consolation, fortitude, and even pleasure– and that her life ahead will witness many more, and happier, times, the blessings of love, marriage, and motherhood, and perhaps a few more records too.  Bless you, Jiyeon.  Jiyeon hwaiting!

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