April’s “Mayday” on Music Bank

I can’t say I’m all that smitten with the song– the verses are electro-hop in the style of AOA’s “Heart Attack”, which maybe isn’t all that bad but also isn’t all that great and isn’t my cup of tea; and the chorus frankly is a bit retarded.  “Mayday” sounds like a J-pop b-side, and indeed I could imagine April doing very well in Japan.  The song isn’t a monstrosity, but it’s definitely a time-out artistically speaking, compared to the glorious “April Story” or “Dream Candy”.

But the costuming for this song, here as in the MV, and April’s entire presence in this performance is wonderful.  It’s so colorful and mod– Jackie Kennedy electro-hop?  And the minimalist draped stage, reminiscent of SNSD’s great “Mistake” stage, is wonderful too.  This is vastly simple compared to the ornate glory of their comeback “Tinkerbell” stage on Music Bank last year, but it’s a worthy stage in itself.


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