Happy Birthday SinB!

GFriend’s fatefully glamorous Jessica Jung doppelganger turns nineteen!


And to think, she was only seventeen when she was bicycling all over Jeju Island in GFriend Where Are You Going?, and of course, venturing into young adulthood in the mv for “Rough”.

Time flies.  But: SinB is but nineteen, and doubtless many glories still await her on stage, and on the stage of life.

(music starts around 0:20. Your volume is not broken!)

NB: how long now have I been falsely Romanizing SinB’s name as “ShinB”?  It’s pronounced ShinB, but as I lapsed unreflexively just now into typing it like that, heaven knows how long I’ve been doing that.  SinB please forgive!

sinb gfriend lol art

Anyway, SinB is part of our “Sunshine” in K-pop and all its assorted majesty, and we wish her a happy birthday and many great blessings to come!  SinB hwaiting!



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