A Pink In Christmas: the “Cause You’re My Star” teaser

It’s so cute and Christmasy– plus, we get a vertical triptych of their duo pairings.

Sigh.  Though I hope I do do a lot for A Pink, really in some ways I have failed them so.  Like why don’t I ever watch the A Pink Comedy channel on youtube?

Perhaps they peaked too soon, before Sky Travel could throw travelogue reality shows at them.  Could you imagine A Pink tramping around Petrograd?  Well, but at least they’ve been spared (I hope!) the embarrassing brushes with “””diversity””” that Lovelyz is presented with in Canaduh.

Eunji and Bomi are in their Emma Woodhouse year, and that draws to a close in August.  When I first fell in love with them they were still nineteen.  Now, they should be finding a Mr. Knightley.

And as I’ve pointed out already, career-wise the band is now older than T-ara when they made “Sugar Free”.  Realistically, we may have only a year or so more of A Pink left!

This glorious journey, it feels like it’s drawing to a close somehow.  Surely they have a couple of great mini-albums ahead for us, and they will all the while be brimming with youth and radiance and energy.  And yet, at the same time, wisdom tells me that I must prepare my heart to part with them, at least in some frame of time much shorter than the time we’ve already had together.  But, but– that time itself has been too short!

And, all the while, GFriend and Lovelyz won’t be getting any younger either.  As it turns out, yes, promotions for “Now, We” only lasted two weeks– even though the song actually did better than “Wow” and the repackage took a Gaon Album Charts No. 1.  And– getting into dark confessions here– my secret bitter wish that GFriend wouldn’t eclipse A Pink too early, too completely, was perhaps answered too thouroughly when “Fingertip”s trophy count was so negligible.  But I didn’t want GFriend to fail!  Snowflake is the successor album to Pink Luv, and if GFriend doesn’t do smashingly then stupid Twice will rule the charts!

Ugh.  But I desperately do want A Pink to win major trophies with this June comeback.  Plus, do another epic Japanese concert I can watch over and over again!  Pink Season doesn’t get old, but those are twenty-one year old Bomis and Eunjis, and now they are almost twenty-fours.

It’s so hard watching your loved ones grow old.


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