“Lovelyz Loves Canada”: but will I be able to stand it?

Omg.  Just freeze the frame at 0:23 and try to assimilate the scenery:

Here is Goddess Jin– in a black leather skirt, no less!  And dark sunglasses.  And a sombrero!  Jiae in a black dress and cream beret.  Baby Soul making her Girl Power sign in a white dress and leather jacket.  Mijoo with some sort of Moschino paraphernalia and a pink velveteen top.

And flanking them?  These three hideous, shapeless monsters, makeup free.  Good God, what the hell are these abominations, Armenians?

How can I stand to watch this hominoid filth in the same picture with Lovelyz?

See, it’s like that heinous old dyke who met GFriend at the airport in Vienna.  Only now I might be able to understand what these freaks are actually saying to my glorious angels.

I doubt I’ll be able to get through it.  Which sucks, because I really love the parts of these shows when it’s just my goddesses sauntering through some scenery. . . .

–OMG what the hell is that thing at circa 1:10, a homosexual terror bomber?  What the hell is that boy doing wearing an Arab woman headrag?  Ugh it’s face is disgustingly fat and shapeless, and how dare it address itself directly to divinity?!?  My headphones are filthy just for playing its disgusting wet gay Middle East phonemes!  Disgusting Muslim redneck fag!

“I can’t even” . . . .  Jin just got hugged by a fat homo Muslim in skinny jeans and a hijab.

God damn Canada, it’s in the Bible!!!


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