“Apink will be making a comeback on June 26. They will be working with producers Shinsadong Tiger and Beom & Nang. Their new song will reportedly be a bright dance track.”

Dear Lord, at least two M! Countdown trophies and an Inkigayo, I beg of you!

And 750,000 digital– or at the very least 500,000– but absolutely 60,000 physical albums moved but preferably 100,000.

We want to at least get back up to “Remember” numbers.  And nothing fishy like, oh say, how 4Minute won Inkigayo with that flop track “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”.

A Pink needs to win trophies, not just Eunji.  And not– God bless Laboum and Lovelyz– newbie trophies but the trophies of an A-list megagroup.

It’s hard to believe A PInk is already an “older” band than T-ara was when they released And&End.  And that was their last significant artistic statement!

So we absolutely want to resist seeing A Pink fade away into irrelevance.  Namjoo is barely twenty-two!  So let us have renewed great success this summer and reboot A Pink to the top!

Shinsadong Tiger, bright energy!  It could be another “No No No”!!!


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