Happy Birthday Hyomin!

T-ara goddess, lead vocal, fashionista, actress, designer, and World’s Greatest Female Idol Rapper Hyomin turns twenty-eight!


Though these last few months– and the months going forward– will be difficult ones for those like Hyomin left behind in the husk of “T-ara”, we pray that soon all the girls will bask in the radiance of freedom.  Whether or not T-ara returns, by that or another name, to the stage or the recording booth, we are grateful forever for the prodigious record of achievement Hyomin and her bandmates have left behind them:  T-ara will remain always a pinnacle pop music landmark, forever revisited and enjoyed afresh.


Oh the memories . . . .

And Hyomin has her solo endeavors to think of too.  How many “Road Trips” might there be in the days to come?  But above all, let Hyomin find true happiness, which may well include giving the world little Hyomins to follow in her gilded footsteps.  May the Lord protect those steps always, fair Hyomin.  Happy birthday Hyomin!  Hyomin hwaiting!

Hyomin Jewelry box cd






  1. T-ara (minus Qri apparently) in the audience for a Hyomin showcase:

  2. leaked rehearsal footage for the rehearsals KKS claimed Soyeon and Boram didn’t show up for:

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