Do You Realize Ridley Scott is Seventy-nine years old?

Seventy-nine.  And going by some of the interview footage I’ve seen, getting very out of it.

I’m not going to go fishing for it– I’ve seen it sampled in various online reviews of the new film.  He acted more drunk than anything else, but very drunk.  It might be meds, meds and booze together, perhaps senility kicking in as well.  If he’s anything like that on set, even only intermittently, it’s hard to believe he’s really “directing” anything.

But think of it:  David Lean was 75 when he made A Passage to India.  Kurosawa was 75 (and legally blind) when he made Ran.

These bullcrap Alien “prequel” movies aren’t even going to get made.  I doubt he even makes another one.

It’s sad that he’s going out like this.  I watched a couple of Blade Runner clips last night and, my god, it’s been so long since I’ve watched it but I watched it back then so many times– and it’s still so remarkable.  The finale is so intense, the nightmare melting gothic funhouse so frightening and beguiling and dreamlike, a space for the mind to get lost in forever.  There was greatness then.  Alas, he never retouched that greatness– but if even for only two masterpieces, we must be in awe of him for that.

But the career as a whole cannot touch what was best in him, and that was lost, early.  Now, the man is in a very sad condition.


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