Ariana Grande Bombs

Freakish coalburner “Ariana Grande” gets her concert in Manchester suicide-bombed.

It’s a tragic but preventable commentary on our decayed and violated society.

Grande may have had the makings of a harmlessly cute minx long ago– but given the Ill*m*n*t* realities of Jew-run Disneywood, it’s not unlikely she was violated and even “programmed” from an early age.

Her music videos started boasting mudsharkery early on– one more recent example I watched on “Music Video Sins” shows her fornicating in a motel room with a mystery meat biker dude while mixing prescription pills with a flood of booze.  This is sickening brainwashing.  What kinds of sick fucks think to put such a “message” inside a pop music video?


–Actually, this piece of sonic shit plays all the time in the grocery store.

And the same deranged semites open our borders to fellow semite, hamite, mestizo, and bantu “Global South” low iq ugly impecunious and hateful filth.  The result is a disgusting but entirely predictable (and well predicted!) fate.

It is time to purge ourselves both of the evildoers Kubrick identified in Eyes Wide Shut and the “immigrant”/”refugee” filth.  A White Europe and America is a beautiful, peaceful, noble Europe and America.  A “little less conversation”, a “little more” Build The Wall, Ban Islam, Repatriate The Africans, Expel The Jews, and Destroy The Invaders.


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