Baby Momma: Baby Soul puts her hair up in a bun for “Now, We”

Please excuse the vulgarity of the expression “baby momma”, but Baby Soul (who always looks so warm and nurturing) looks especially maternal and buttery and glowing with her sweet hair up in a bun:

[Ed.:  Baby rabies much, Mickey?]  Yes. . . .

baby-soul koreaboo

Admittedly, the swaying “Lovelyz” logo on the rear screen does kinda make this stage look a bit like an ad for the Olive Garden– but let’s forget that.   The costumes are great, Lovelyz’s new single is excellent, the repackaged album is clearly the best of the year thus far, and shortly we shall have Lovelyz Loves Canada.  Lovelyz hwaiting!  Baby Soul hwaiting!



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