Oh Lord, “Lovelyz Loves Canada” is on its way! (plus Jin wears wetlook leggings!)

God keep them away from any signs of “diversity”!  But judging from this teaser, they’ll be cooing over the cuteness of White babies like “GFriend Loves Europe” (which I’m still horribly stalled on watching all the way through–I’ve rewatched the first two and a half episodes like half a dozen times).

Sigh.  It’s largely because the CC subtitles keep getting out of jinx with the onscreen action.  But it’s also my painfully intense sense of vicarious participation, which makes me cringe when something embarrassing happens or even something potentially embarrassing, which is why it’s so hard for me every time Yuju says “Thank you vary much-ie” while some Austrian dolt looks confused.

But anyway: here Jin and today’s birthday girl Jiae apparently enact some scene from a K-drama!

Omg and back in the “present day” Jin has joined the ranks of Sujeong and Mijoo in becoming a Lovelyz who rocks wetlook leggings!!!

[Ed.:  Are ‘wetlook leggings’ even still a thing, Mickey?]  Oh good God, Bob, I sure hope so!

Anyhoo, Jin is being very dramatic, as is appropriate for this most Romantic of idols, and poor Jiae gets all her books and papers blown away!

Exciting!  Please keep all Turd World scum out of camera view on this trip, and of course out of glorious Lovelyz’ view!

I hope GFriend will forgive me if I make a better go of watching all of Lovelyz Loves Canada while it airs in real time, starting in June, because I really want to support Lovelyz activities in real time (like I mostly did last year with Lovelyz in Wonderland, except I’ve never finished the finale because the upload for some reason had terrible quality compared to the rest– but I should get on that anyway!).  GFriend, I still love you, and I hope to do justice to all your European vacation someday!  But in the meantime let’s all work harder and make sure to watch all of Lovelyz Loves Canada this summer and keep crisp and cool with Lovelyz’ hopefully lovely Canadian tour!  Jin Jiae and all of Lovelyz hwaiting!


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