Happy Birthday Jiae!

The squeakiest of livelyz turns twenty-four!

lovelyz-marie-claire1 jiae

Ne!  Her “Destiny” thus far has gloriously enriched us with aegyo and appeal!


And now “Now, We” continues Lovelyz’ starry trail of K-pop magnificence, tracing the heavens with an upward melodic curve as ingenuous and appealing as Jiae’s moistly imploring gaze.

jiae lovelyz hearts

And, to paraphrase Jiae herself, “Don’t worry!  Dis is a story of a girl, named Jiae!  Here we go!!”

Jiae, we wish you a lovely birthday and a wonderful era of “Now, We” promotions; and always, may Heaven’s blessing shine upon you.  Happy birthday Jiae!  Lovelyz Jiae hwaiting!


One comment

  1. Mnet continues the ‘fancam’ tradition at their M2 channel:

    Plus we have archival ones for “Hi”, “Amusement Park”, “Ah Choo” and “For You”, taking us to “Destiny” and now “Wow” and hopefully there’s a “Now, We” out there too.

    Sigh. I should put all these together in a Jiae fancams post. Plus all the other Lovelyzs!

    Anyway Jiae got the fresh/funky golden ticket with the green ribbed top/orange leather skirt combo. Daebak!

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