AOA’s “Good Luck”: the unlucky comeback that shoulda luckied

Not long ago I was on a micromini AOA jag when suddenly, as if by malign synchronicity, came news that Choa was taking some sort of sabbatical.  This news, accompanied by cryptic social media remarks by some of her bandmates which suggested they knew she was unhappy and there was something missing in her life, lent credence to the idea that something was wrong and that Choa might not be coming back.

And now there’s been this micromini scandal that Choa is dating some CEO, with denials all around which, I imagine, settle little in the way of speculation, Choa’s pleas not to drag other people into it notwithstanding.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to return to my micromini AOA jag and reimmerse myself a little in some of the stuff I slept on post-“Like a Cat”.  Last summer’s–well, actually last May’s!– “Good Luck” is something I felt myself kinda sorta digging a little when it came out, but I kinda sorta didn’t want to–regret that “Heart Attack” blew away all the Summer 2015 competition except for Sistar’s “Shake It”?  And then came that little history quiz scandal with Jimin and Seolhyun, and as an Alt-Right thinker could I easily excuse a couple of prominent K-pop idols for setting so poor an example for Korean youth as to be ignorant of the identity of a great Korean nationalist who shot an occupying Japanese officer? [even if they were faking ignorance to be cute?]

But now, surely, it is time to let go of those quibbles and remember how sake-she-ly AOA has wiggled across our stages and into our hearts, and “Good Luck” does a pretty good job with that:


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