Powerful Innocence: GFriend’s “Fingertip” Military Chic

GFriend look so good in these cute tight paradeground military schoolgirl outfits!

Especially Yuju, who is just so tall and noble in bearing here, with those tight sleeves and the pert fit of her jacket and her noble poise and high head and calm demeanor.

As a huge Yerin fan, now that “Fingertip” promotions are over I’ll admit that this stark blonde do they gave her wasn’t flattering.  It just looks so harsh and unnatural, it looks as though it would hurt her scalp.  Please bring back her warm redhead or chestnut hair!

Umji on the other hand looked stunning in this era.  With the vampish looks she gives the camera in the MV and, to a lesser extent, on stage (all that sportif head nodding!) she was very very sake-she.

“Fingertip” is still a terrific song and I’m afraid I haven’t given it enough coverage here.  I mean I like Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book” but I definitely prefer “Fingertip” between the two, but I’ve posted less “Fingertip”.  The album sales this go round for GFriend have been very strong, so I hope their next comeback will reclaim a nice set of trophies for them.


One comment

  1. Bonus round: the very softer, more feminine side of costuming for “Fingertip”:

    Umji looks like a Rococo porcelain doll!

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