Lovelyz Wins “The Show” with “Now, We”!

Lovelyz at last scores their first show trophy, on SBS’s The Show.

Admittedly, it’s the least prestigious of the current roster, but a win nonetheless and a proud milestone in their career–a highly emotional one too.

My beloved Jin is especially affected, as we should expect.  Yein yips with joy, then tosses her head in sympathetic mirth while Jin tears up, before finally covering her own teary eyes herself.  Plus, throughout it all, no less than fellow 2014 gen rising stars Laboum are placed behind Lovelyz on stage, and they were gratifyingly mindful of the sweet emotion of the occasion.  Haein hugs Kei, Solbin hugs Sujeong, Yujeong hugs Jin, Yujeong hugs Jisoo– lol Yujeong is such a doll.

Of course Lovelyz hugged each other too– didn’t they do a song about that on Lovelyz8 lolz?

Maybe they can win Show Champion too.  It’s a competitive season and the comeback from that JYP group whose name escapes me probably shuts anyone else out from consideration (even if the new single’s supposedly suckiness has become a hot issue– frankly, I think the suckiness of all of Twice’s previous singles should be a hot issue).

Anyway, I am relieved that Lovelyz finally has won something, and although The Show is the newest of K-pop’s competitive music broadcast shows, by no means am I sniffing at the prize.  With the Laboum and Lovelyz wins we have only now Oh My Girl to gain a trophy for–hopefully with JinE returned to the stage.

We should note that Now, We took No 1 on the Gaon physical albums sales chart, an especially impressive feat considering it is a repackage.  Lovelyz’ exceptionally honed and consistent sound perhaps will never make them a universal favorite, but they are caviar to the ear and I pray they will enjoy continued and increased success.  They are likely, all in all, the most gifted girl group of their generation, and should A Pink ever retire as T-ara appears to, I cannot see how Lovelyz can be anything other than the greatest band in the world.  Lovelyz hwaiting!



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