PAC OMG: Hyojung looks like a blushing mail-order bride on the prairie in this Inkigao “Coloring Book” Stage

–and they fit legos and Pac Man ghosts into the stagesavers too.  Plus, black skirts! which I think look especially flattering.

Some fans have complained that some of the earlier, gaudier outfits for “Coloring Book” were not flattering, and I tend to agree.  But these dresses look classy.  Goddess Jiho, as you should expect, looks especially imposing and pleasing.

And poor Arin at 2:44!  She looks so pitiful, and yet it’s as if time stops as the camera lets her show her thing and she looks the whole time as if she can’t believe it.  Don’t be sad, Arin!  We love you, Arin!  You are so cute!!


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