Lovelyz’ Heavenly Second “Now, We” Stage on Inkigayo

With lighting to rival that for the Comeback Stage, plus some ravishing camerawork (the camera’s zoom in on Mijoo’s smiling face at 0:10ff is heartbreakingly beautiful!), this broadcast is another classic:

And Jin gets a great shot starting at 1:29, as noticed in the comments by someone who uses Xuan Yi’s picture for an avatar.

Sujeong gets the most boho of the dresses here on display, what with the spaghetti straps just barely keeping this one from being “off the shoulder” (and the sleeve seems to consist of more strappy netting).  Oh, and that dreamcatcher necklace! (rolls eyes)  Great lipstick though!

Even in the opening formation, as freezed at 0:04, Jin at stage right has that typically aristocratic expression I expect from her.

I should also commend Jiae for her solid work.  Long ago when asked during Lovelyz Diary Season One what she brings to the group, she chokingly replied, “Atmosphere?”  Well, her earnest aegyo with her wetlooking dark tresses does bring atmosphere to this performance, and I appreciate it.  Plus the sparkle of Jisoo’s lashes, and the mature authority Yein has grown into that makes her such an assured stage presence.  Not that she wasn’t terrific from the start, but one can’t help but notice that she has assumed a certain girlish gravitas since then.



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