Does Fat Yenta Retard Donna Zuckerberg Even Know How to Read English?

Certainly she writes it deplorably enough.  One must ask what motivation she ever had to slog her way through a Greek grammar or Latin lexicon:  certainly her “work” puts them to little enough use.

In his capacity as Higher Ed Realist, Steve Sailer’s been busting the carb-enhanced balls of Donna Zuckerberg, sister of faceborg-famed Mark, who claims to possess a Princeton PhD in Classical Studies [NB: they may call it “Classics” for all I know, but I think her curriculum vitae indicates the ‘Classical’ part is only modifying–and that tenuously– the “Studies” part] and maintains some sort of “online journal” called Idleloon or a word to that effect.*

When she’s not stuffing her maw with sugar cookies (something Plutarch or Seneca or somesuch highly commends to those suffering emotional uncertainty), Donna is bitchily ‘deconstructing’ the heterocis construct of Classicism.  Apparently the Greeks and Romans didn’t exist, or else the Founding Fathers who read them didn’t exist, or something something anyway our entire notion of the Greco-Roman past is just a White Supreemiss conspiracy and now it’s up to edumakated yentas with suspect Ivy degrees in problematicization to show how the ancients, if/when they weren’t polyamorist mestizos yearning for a gunfree Safe Space for Messalina to miscegenate in peace– and no, I have no reason to recall Messalina was a miscegenator, but maybe Kirk Douglas knew something we didn’t– were a boorish lot of deplorables scarily prescient to enact crap Trumpists today might approve of, if only they were clever enough to crib from Penguin Classics, which is why Donna and her friends (if she has any) must mobilize to cut off this horrible revisionist White Supreemiss exercise in falsifying the historical record, except of course if/when the historical record was already bad according to Dr. Donna, in which case th– oh Hell, plebs, who told you White people could read Greek and Latin?  Thems shekels in thar funny Feeneshun alphabet!  Probably stole it from the Jews!

Pathetically, Mark Z. read the Aeneid in high school, struggled manfully to recall a couple of choice phrases to an interviewer, then hours later helpfully “IM”ed the journalist once his memory had caught up with him.  What a prodigy.  For the record, I once recited Paradise Lost to a quartet of beaming JV cheerleaders gathered about me in a hallway impromptu.  Maybe they were on something, but sometimes magic happens.  Some isteve commenters have been wondering whether Donna Zuckerberg harbors sadomasochistic yearnings towards Alt Right men who will snarl insults from Juvenal at her while pounding her out.  Yentas can be crazy that way, but the most exemplary route by far is to make this bitch make aliyah and not let her take any Loeb tomes with her.  Though I suspect she’s only capable of reading the righthand pages– and yes, that’s a serious suspicion.  But more to the point:  who the hell told this bimbo she had any right to pick up a Classical author?

[* joking aside, there’s more than a hint of Talmudo-snark in her choice of title.  Though as her past essays prove, she certainly can’t take a Greek’s joke in Greek.]


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