Namjoo and the Gang “Seven Springs of A Pink” Era two-fer: “It Girl” and “Let Us Just Love”

The second of two vintage “It Girl” (album mix) performances I just watched on Inkigayo’s youtube channel:


with farm-fresh costuming, including Namjoo in gingham (or are those squares too big to qualify as ‘gingham’?) plus Naeun in some dance school princess-glam garb.

OMG Namjoo at 3:00 and following: super aegyo closeups, cut away, then more of super aegyo closeups!  Namjoo I luv you!!!

And now let’s double-dip and highlight A Pink’s early Seven Springs era OTS track, “Let Us Just Love”, which happily did get not only some fanmade videos but actual onstage (albeit fancammed) performances:



One comment

  1. And here’s the first of the Inkigayo “It Girl”s alluded to above, this one with a mere three-digit view count. It’s rather low def but it’s still the glorious dawn of glorious A Pink!

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