Hello Hanoi: A Pink Serenade the Vietnam Pandas, Eunji holds her back in pain, and what the devil happened circa 3:09?

This was recorded in March but just aired in Korea this week.  From this K-pop expo concert, A Pink perform a “Only One”/”Cause You’re My Star”/”Luv” set in full, with Eunji suffering from a back injury she had back then.

I didn’t notice when I watched it, but scanning through the comments some viewers picked up on the look of plain ghastly shock Hayoung shows at 3:12– poor Hayoungiepoo looks like she just saw the ghost of Elisa Lam or something.  It’s freaky!

I’m going to see if anyone figured it out.  Nothing is audible, and there are no pyrotechnics on stage, so what happened?


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  1. Another upload of the same set:

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