K-pop is declining right now: one opinion why

I’m not even a sone but when Sica left SNSD


it’s like a spell was broken, kpop hasn’t been the same since

–writes Vadleany at onehallyu.


The OP is somewhat quirky and subjective.  I can’t consider 2016 a “bad year” considering it gave the world “Rough”, “Journey to Atlantis”, “One of these nights”, “Liar Liar”, “Destiny”, “Windy Day”, “Navillera”, “Only One”, and WJSN’s “Secret”.

But this year thus far I have to say that only WJSN’s “I Wish” and April’s “April Story” are truly in that league.  There are other songs I admire and enjoy, but the major K-pop releases this year mostly seem to have declined a Leonard Maltin half-star for some reason.  I mean I just can’t consider “Fingertip” (though highly enjoyable!) equal to “Navillera” or “Now, Us” to “Ah Choo” or “Hwi Hwi” to “Shooting Love”.

And that’s never mind damned Twice and all their crappy hits.  Or how poor Girl’s Day went from such a pinnacle of glory in 2014 to just–nothing.  Or Choa’s newly-announced leave of absence from AOA (and just after “Excuse Me” heralded something of a return to form for them!).  And now, and now– this new T-ara business!

Again, it’s not that all these new songs suck–the ones I mentioned are quite good– but cumulatively when so many groups release new material that isn’t quite as good as their previous material, it lends itself I think to an inevitable sense that there is some decline.  I really want somebody to unequivocally knock it out of the ballpark right now, and for some funny reason nobody has done that since the– was it 4th of January?– in which WJSN and April released their respective latest hits.  Those two songs are unambiguous five star achievements.  The rest of the year’s comebacks simply are not.

And yes yes yes– something was forever broken in the world when Jessica was fired.


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  1. In the early glory days of K-pop (before I even knew what K-pop was):

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