F**k Satan: The Final T-ara Crisis as Boram and Soyeon Flee the Stage of “666”

The bing newscrawl tells us America is getting its first Satanic monument, and then when I head directly to koreaboo to check up on Choa I find instead some more disturbing news.  Here’s the relevant summation of netizen responses from a thread at onehallyu:

1. [+1,063, -41] Of all the concepts they decide to use, they use that unsettling number

2. [+876, -31] Gotta wonder what’s going on in their heads. Why would you use ‘666’ as the concept for your last promo…

3. [+543, -30] Why 666;;; scary…

4. [+453, -25] But really, why 666 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+128, -14] 666… are they going to put down a curse or something…

6. [+141, -20] Isn’t 666 the devil’s number? Why would they choose that?

7. [+118, -14] What kind of stupid concept is this? Satan concept?

8. [+69, -9] Why in the world would you choose 666…

9. [+62, -9] Are they the devil ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 666 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+39, -3] Why 666… They have a lot of hit songs, just add another minute and make it 667. What is wrong with them?

11. [+26, -2] Kwang Soo’s hunger for attention never ends

12. [+9, -1] As expected of Kwang Soo, the devil’s son. Is he using T-ara as his sacrifice?

–So the last T-ara album bears the title 666.  Most of the subsequent onehallyu commenters bizarrely try to brush this off as an expression of Korean “superstition”– who are all these smartypants atheist teenybopper foreigners following K-pop?  A commenter appropriately self-styled as “WestWorld” writes:

Yeah I think some Koreans are superstitious with these kind of stuff. I heard that some of them believe that if you leave the fan on in the wrong you’ll die or something

–Makes sense to me.  Having sex in the wrong hole leads to death, that’s for certain.  But try explaining that to the present generation.

And here’s another doofus calling itself–I kid you not– “International-Cockroach” (!!!– the !ll*m*n@t! must be paying trolls to hit K-pop boards the same way they do on Alt-Right blogs):

Let’s not forget that South Korea is one of THE most Christian nations in the world. That, and the churches there are sometimes hardcore and near cult-like with the amount of rapid support and dedication they receive from their followers. This should be of no surprise that some k-nets would have kneejerk reaction to the number 666 being included with album stuff.

Now, back to the larger story.  Boram and Soyeon, whose contracts expire May 15th, recorded this last album.  The supposed plan was that this would come out in May and they would promote on stage with the other four members, whose contracts don’t expire till December.  Of course, T-ara is a spent force domestically– their last relatively successful single was “Number 9” in 2013, but even that was modest by the standards of their hegemonic years; and their 2015 and ’16 comebacks were basically placeholders.  Meanwhile, China’s ban on K-pop has cut off their principle revenue stream.  Plus Boram and Qri have passed the age of 30, and Soyeon will this fall.  So this final recording and its stages were supposed to be a Farewell.

But:  apparently (and netizens have worked out this case to my satisfaction) MBK Entertainment decided to screw T-ara over by pushing back the Comeback date into June so they could sentimentally armtwist Soyeon and Boram to work for free.  Don’t you want to be up on stage and be with your bandmates for the last time as True T-ara and share the love as your fans bask in the radiance of 6-ara for the last time?  No really, we had to promote nugus DIA some more first.  But the record was supposed to come out in May, right?  I mean, June! lozlz

So now Boram and Soyeon have rightfully refused to go out there, and as a consequence MBK is re-recording the album without them because now their voices aren’t “useable.”  Whether they were further motivated by this “666” business who can say.  At any event, they are not obligated to partake in this travesty so good for them on getting out!

I have no idea whether any of the music, apart from this album title which may have never been invoked until the music was already initially recorded, has anything remotely Luciferian about it.  It may well be a title tacked on by KKS purely for shock value (or whatever motivations he may be under).  It is curious now that he would go to the expense of re-recording the whole record without Soyeon and Boram.  After all, it’s not like T-ara wasn’t going to perform live, or that the choreo doesn’t have to be changed, or that, till December anyway, any performances the four remaining members give won’t have to be changed in vocal and dance arrangement.  Those accomodations to Soyeon and Boram’s absence have to be made regardless.  So why on earth go to the trouble of eliminating Boram and Soyeon from the vocals on this last recording?  Or did they protest against being used on the record?

For what it’s worth, another onehallyu commenter offers this linguistic notice:

Guys, 666 means something entirely different in China than in Christian focused countries.

6 is similar to ‘溜’ in Chinese pronunciation, the latter of which means you are familiar with the thing you are doing, and usually you are doing good enough such that you impress others.

Examples of usage:

  • You got a penta kill in MOBA games. Both your teammates and rivals will type 666 in the chat screen.
  • In some online videos or talk show, where someone does something unexpectedly or dramatically, viewers will type 666 in the comments.
  • Sarcasm. Someone make a foolish mistake and you say 666 to satire him and relieve the embarrassing moment.                 

–That might be true as far as it goes,  but whatever the provenance of the expression, the Satanic connotation trumps any punning from non-“Christian focused countries”.   KKS, whose screwy notions of publicity have caused so much ruin in the past, now calls a curse upon the last gasp of T-ara’s output, and that plainly is devilish behavior.




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  1. NB: the featured image is from their 2014 remix collection for “Sugar Free” with its odd goth/rave fusion. Personally I don’t think those gothic crucifixes were in the best of taste, but frankly even a passive, non-blasphemous appropriation of the Cross beats brandishing the Number of the Beast any day!

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