“Feminism is part of a complex cycle of the rise and fall of empires, and it’s not going away any time soon.”

writes commenter grapesoda (lolz) at Steve Sailer’s current open thread on Pres. Trump:

I think Trump is a good guy, but there is only so much he can do. And he has his own independent interests as well. We all watched as he gave the middle finger to the PC orthodoxy, and that was fun to watch. One point for our team.

But what this whole episode has made me realize, is that politics can only do so much. Economics is a much greater force. The world and people’s views are shaped more by available technology and economics than by individual men in power, no matter how well-intentioned. Feminism is part of a complex cycle of the rise and fall of empires, and it’s not going away any time soon. Sure, there has been a backlash, and that is good, but the existential factors which lead to the de facto worship of women are still solidly in place.

In order for real change to take place, some sort of Black Swan event, an act of God or nature, or a change in dynamics would need to occur. As long as our post-industrial information high-tech society and economy keeps on going at this level of sophistication, eventually the monied interests are going to win out. Even if one guy has his principles and chooses not to sell out, there are ten more who will at the drop of a hat. So things will only change when it’s literally not even possible to continue the status quo, for basic reasons such as some kind of economic meltdown, lack of availability of fossil fuels, or possibly a sea change that takes place in the culture over time.


It’s an argument similar to what Vox Day commenter dc sunsets usually makes.  But I’m feeling rather confident now that Vox is correct with his election-cycles predictions, and that in five years time France will elect a staunchly Nationalist President.

There’s a lot of good comments, pro and con, in this isteve thread, and I’m still only about at the (current) halfway mark.  On balance, and allowing for some eccentricities which, to be fair, the President didn’t really conceal on the campaign trail (I rather tended to rationalize, for instance, that by “destroying ISIS” he meant he’d cut off the CIA hacks who funded it, not go dropping Big Bombs in the Middle East), I’ve regained some confidence too that Pres. Trump is marshaling forces for an Autumn push on his signature issues– including getting his pieces in place to run around Ryan and hopefully the judiciary too.

But it’s complicated, and the naysayers surely deserve a good signal from the President in the meantime that he’s playing for the long game.  The simple fact that border crossings are starkly down shouldn’t encourage complacency– least of all should the President start sending Mr. Nice Guy signals!  “Mr. Nice Guy” didn’t carry Michigan and Wisconsin– Donald Trump “full of darkness” did.  We do live in dark times, and today is a dark day for the City of Lights.  But let us keep hope going, and work with the players we have, and encourage our President and our Congress to work for us.

And may feminism, that blight of all decaying societies, get flushed out of human history at last!


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