GFriend’s “Fingertip” on Show! Music Core April 15, 2017

Break those chains, GFriend!

You know, it’s going to look to posterity as if I totally slept on this comeback, but just so you know, weeks ago I was immersed in writing a jammin’ homage to “Fingertip” (a la my “remix” of Oh My Girl’s “I Found Love” which I lyrically reworked into an homage to President Trump) to punish my latest hasbara troll at the chateau.

So I don’t want future readers (if only me) to think I gave “Fingertip” no proper attention at the time.  I haven’t posted enough of it, and yes, that was at part because at first I wasn’t sure of the song’s worthiness relative to its august predecessors (and while it’s not as great as “Navillera” or “Rough”, it’s a strong and distinctive and very fun track).  Plus the choreo is, of course, terrific.  So I haven’t completely slept on “Fingertip”: I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve jammed to it mentally, I’ve even written verse to its beat.  Eunha and SinB’s raspy yearning, Umji’s lightened hair: these things are immortal.  GFriend hwaiting!


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