Some Guy Sits and Reads His Magazine While Jisoo and Sujeong Dance In Front of Him Dressed Like Hookers

Well, I hesitate to use such colorful language to describe these strange and innocent shenanigans, but somebody decided to send Lovelyz to Canada and half of them attended a Calgary Comic Con thingamajiggie:

It’s adorable of course in its way; but I really hate to see them thrown in with this riffraff.  Though the fact the riffraff is mostly oblivious is, in its way, a blessing I suppose.

Anway, what the heck is Sujeong supposed to be dressed as?  Somebody said “Cat Girl”, but since when did that involve a leather miniskirt?  Though I guess, again, under the circumstances that might’ve been a small blessing (so to speak).  At least they didn’t put her in a latex catsuit.  This is Lovelyz, not AOA!

Yeah, and some fat goth bitch runs between them and the camera.  Not to mention that dykey looking middle-aged bitch on the side.  Ill-bred rubbish!  My Asian overlordesses are not amused!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Well it’s Calgary so this says a lot. The guy reading is probably a fag; the fat woman in red is probably hates Asians; the one who ran between the girls and the camera is probably a jealous feminist who was afraid that guys like me might be lusting after the young women.

    As for how the girls were dressed: that’s actually quite classy by Calgary standards.

    1. lolz Calgary must be a gem

      (no offence to Lovelyz: it was all for jest!)

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