Oh My Girl’s “Coloring” Book on Music Bank, 2017-04-14

Fairytale chic for Goddess Jiho and the girls:


Now I know Seunghee got very few lines in this because “doesn’t suit her voice/let the other members shine” but the camera seems to capture her few lines (with one early exception) only in longshot.

But, this comeback really is Binnie and Jiho’s gain: and while Binnie sails through this her usual placid self, Jiho especially dazzles (as only Goddess Jiho knows how to do) as the camera swoons in upon and caresses her!

As to Mimi, I’m trying to think right now what counts as her previous “most girly” vocal part because here there’s no sign of our familiar I’m-so-fierce-a-rapper self lolz.


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