Ramzpaul on the generation-long war in Afghanistan

Ramzpaul of late has (with the exception of his awkward European Zionism video, which argued there should be one nation for White people only, which is weird because there should actually be a bunch of nations– Hungary, Poland, France, Britain, Sweden, places like that–each for their distinct subgroups of White people, but he didn’t seem to be ironically understating in that video, it came off as closer to blackpill) been on something of a tear, with a lot of good, solidly funny videos which, despite their dark turn on Trump after the dark attack against Assad, have had a cheering effect on me.  His particular charm is to come across very well as a respectable-sounding man with no evident chip on his shoulder (even if he obviously uses his little bookcase as a strategic prop, presumably turning different books forward to highlight certain subtextual themes) which makes him an excellent gateway figure to ply “normies” with– though of course I often find him fresh and bracing by any standard.

But in this video he’s riled up, cussing up a storm instead of ironizing his way through his routine.  The War in Afghanistan, as I’ve been reminding myself a lot of late, is almost at the generation-long milestone.  Yet even so, this video in some ways awakened me to the fuller depths of its insanity.  As a Truther, I should be more consistent and connect all these dots, but sometimes one catches oneself realizing one hasn’t “gone back”  and made the necessary connections.  Whatever Osama bin Laden really was, there could never have been a necessity of any sort to occupy Afghanistan and “nation-build” there simply on the pretext that the Taliban were harboring him.  After all, our “ally” Pakistan harbored him too– which presumably we supposedly didn’t know about until that had been going on for a while (!).  And now of course the Taliban–or is it ISIS–supposedly threaten democracy yadda yadda there.  Of course, since we pay ISIS I wonder why they don’t just let ISIS guard the poppy fields?  But the Taliban doesn’t like the opium trade, so maybe ISIS is guarding the poppies and the Taliban are attacking them?  Hell, it’s as complicated as The Living Daylights, and that film more or less is a documentary by now.

President Trump, please get us the hell out of Afghanistan.

Oh, and crack down on fucking Antifa.


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