Bill Nye is a pervert

I’m not surprised to see that creepy old cryptkeeperish-looking “kid-friendly” ghoul Bill Nye is doing some godawful pervy propaganda crap about ‘the flavors of sexuality’, as Steve Sailer notes today at The Unz Review.

It’d be stupid-amusing enough to note in passing, even without the fact that his I!!umin@ti handlers have (all too predictably) decided to target K-pop in the process.  I’ll take a wild guess and imagine that a clip of f(X)’s Amber shows up somewhere in the proceedings.  Well, that trashy little androgyne currently is stuck in her bedroom making mix tapes and bitching about how SM Ent won’t give her any work, so I think we’re safe for now from her sparking any sort of sexual revolution.  As for all the androgynous boy bands, they still have to go and join the military at some point.  But it’s typical of the “cosmopolitan” Globohomos (Jews, natch) that they desperately want to rub everyone on earth’s nose in their same degenerate perversions.

Meanwhile, commenter kihowi says something that, vis-a-vis the SWPL crowd, is hilariously apt:

Nobody will ever, ever go broke making white people feel intelligent without having to do any work. Bill Nye is making money because TED, Apple, the Daily Show and David Attenburough are making money.

I feel like this scam has been min-maxed now with people deriving a sense of intellectual superiority from yelling about their peepees.

–The lumpenintelligentsia really needs to get knocked back on its ass.  As Camille Paglia notes, Ivy grads don’t know a thing about history or geography.  How much worse, the pretensions of the “fucking love science!” crowd!

In other news: “gay marriage” is still a Satanic aberration which will be scorched from the face of the earth.


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