A month and two days ago with this Lovelyz “Wow” Stage on Show! Music Core

Sigh.  The world is so crazy nowadays, I feel as though I’ve slept on “Wow” even if I haven’t.

And in truth, for a still-new Lovelyz single, it’s criminal there have been days I’ve missed listening to it.  Remember how I spend a hundred days in a row watching both versions of Dal Shabet’s “Have, Don’t Have” daily?  Ah, there was true K-pop devotion!

But then, back then I didn’t know things like the Sandy Hook hoax were possible.  Hell, when “Have, Don’t Have” came out, Sandy Hook hadn’t even “happened” yet.

Let it be said here that, though I guess it’ll still be a while before I get around to reviewing R U Ready?, there is indeed much to love about that record and many more listens left to savor.

And, though there are a couple of voice cracks here, our Yein was back on stage!

OH WAIT!: as the comments have tipped me off for the third or fourth view, give the CC Eng Subs a whirl– the dork who did them went kinda GBFM hilarious in providing ‘responses’ to the lyrics! lolzlozlolz


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