Cassette Tapes in K-pop Videos

A mini-trend of very late is the feature of audio cassette tapes as retro ornaments in K-pop.  In Loona Vivi’s solo “Everyday I Love You” they’re part of the 90s scenery–though the very fact this delicately whimsical group uses this delicately retro sound and environment itself is symptomatic of a backward-looking on the part of the young today:


–And Vivi, btw, is becoming quite a crush around here, what with her moving Never Let Me Go-esque performance in the video for “Love & Live” and this cool turn.

Meanwhile, this fortuitous discovery doesn’t even have the “excuse” of a 90s setting, but cassette tapes are still in evidence as part of the gossamer trappings of young twentysomething melancholia:


Of course, Chungha’s got some vinyl too, but LPs don’t have the same nostalgic effect for me since, though I owned quite a few as a child, I never purchased any as an adult– no Classical LPs at all.  Perhaps someday, just for the kicks, I should look into that.

And though I had a couple of personal cassette players, they never sported pretty frosty blue buttons.


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  1. And still going strong: A Pink’s Orion, the Loona Yves debut.

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