The looming end of T-ara

I just found out that Soyeon and Boram declined to renew their contracts.  And for what it’s worth, the other members have only renewed until December, so I’m hard-pressed to think they’ll be recording new material past the mini-album due next month, the last recording of 6-ara.

And since the past two mini-albums have essentially been “placeholders” (even if featuring something as awesome as “For You”, great fun on the minialbum and then astonishing in its ballad version), I have doubts this last one will be a major effort either.

Alas alas alas.  And with Hwayoung’s narrative (God forgive her!) only just imploding in February!

Oh well.  I think they made a lot of money out of China– but now we never ever ever will get the Second Coming of Absolute First Album.



Such an extraordinary catalog.  So many fun times we shared together.

I feel like tears are coming on.  T-ara, you will always be loved and never forgotten!  Soyeon and Boram, find love and have children before it’s loo late.  God shield you all, always.  Hwaiting!


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