Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book”: Now with fan commentary

I haven’t been totally sleeping on “Coloring Book”, but beneath this fun Inkigayo stage fans expound on their pros and cons about this latest comeback:

NinjaKitkatt writes:

I didn’t like the song at first, but after watching enough of the live perfs and the dance videos it becomes really addictive. I just think at first when you don’t really know the song very well it comes across as very messy and jumbled up, but once you know what to predict it starts to sound better. I still don’t really think it’s their best song, their past releases were much better, but even their “worst” is still amazingly high quality with fantastic choreo.

I sort of wish they had picked Perfect Day as their title track since it’s overall a better track with the classic Oh My Girl feeling of being just different than the usual Kpop.

Kind of hoped it would turn into something like AOA had happen during their last comeback where Bing Bing was their title track but wasn’t charting as well as Excuse Me, so they just switched title tracks and ended up turning a flop into a #1. But I guess with all the big name groups coming back, OMG doesn’t really stand a chance this era.

–I’m not sure I like “Perfect Day” all that much but I get their point.  I’m not sure I’d call “Coloring Book” amazingly high quality either, but I agree that it’s a likeable and enjoyable bop with a fantastic choreo.  Also, AOA did do something really good with “Excuse Me”.

Commenter May Be (whom I know I’ve read before and may even have quoted before) makes the big pitch for “Coloring Book”:

+NinjaKittkat “I just think at first when you don’t really know the song very well it comes across as very messy and jumbled up” – you know, for me the key to this song is the beat, the rhytm. You know the saying – feel the rhytm! This song is more to “feel it” than “listen to it”. As I said already in my earlier comment – simply catch the clapping sound at the beginning and clap your hands – keep it up! feel it! Then you will also feel the melody, cause the melody here is also about the beat (all those “hey hey”, “bang bang”). When you try to start from the melody it could seems like kind of “messy” – but when you come into this song through the beat everything is on the right place there. The drums, the bass, the bent section, the rhytmic vocals – all of this are the parts of an energetic beat machine! In the other words – the beat here is like the rails on which rides the train with the tune! Don’t miss this train! Catch it and let it catch you! Go go go! Hey hey! Bang Bang! Don’t stop! 😉

–Well it’s definitely not “Closer” but then that’s the thing: I want a pop song with sweeping melodies and a non-staccato beat, so I can’t agree that “Coloring Book” transcends its artful scattershotness.  But I give May Be major props for making the case as memorably as she (?) can.

And with this further May Be comment I’m totally onboard:

If people don’t like the cute concepts then maybe they shouldn’t watch K-Pop? There’s a plenty of other music genres from all of the parts of the world. A big part of K-Pop is about the cuteness (cute concepts, aegyo and things like this). If someone want to watch the Western pop style in Korea then he/she should from the beginning watch Western pop (UK, US) and not try to change K-Pop in the Western style. There are different genres and styles and we can choose what we like to watch and support. Western pop artists don’t try do imitate K-Pop so why the Korean pop artist should try to imitate Western stars? Many people from many countries like K-Pop exactly because they found there something different – the cuteness that you can’t find in the music from the other parts of the world.




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