Red Velvet’s Irene “looks super HOT in nerdy glasses + leather jacket”

That’s the headline at koreaboo, where we read:

Red Velvet‘s Irene has a natural talent for making any outfit look adorable, even when it has an edgy kick!

On their way to Taiwan for their concert, the Red Velvet members were all spotted sporting very stylish airport fashion, especially Irene’s!

Wearing an all black outfit that would typically give off a very edgy look, Irene looked absolutely adorable!

She paired her edgy black and white stripes, high pony-tail, and rocker-chic leather glasses  [sic lolz] with round, silver glasses made the look from total glam-rock to soft and adorable!

Red-Velvet-Irene 03 koreaboo


Well I agree, our “moody” Irene looks pretty adorable–even adorkable, if that’s the phrase.  But I do wonder why koreaboo’s captions keep going on about her “rocker’s lipstick”.

Here’s a compare/contrast photo of Irene with waifu Wendy:

irene and wendy koreaboo


–who was going for a more “sophisticated” look.  Actually in real life I would imagine Irene could pull off “sophisticated” better than Wendy, and that’s irrespective of Irene being a few years older:  really, could Wendy ever not be a dork?


Even so, Irene at the airport was giving Wendy a run for her money in that department!


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  1. Apex Red Velvet in their glory:

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