Daily Archives: 2017-04-20

Laboum Soars on the Charts!

Early word has it they’ve moved almost 20,000 physical units of the new mini-album in the first four days! Fans are galvanized to give them their first trophy for The Show.  Meanwhile, here’s their M! Countdown Comeback stage: Laboum hwaiting! Advertisements

All Senses Are Overload: the “Navillera” X “Hwi Hwi” mashup

You can watch it with the sound off if you like, just to enjoy Laboum and GFriend comin’ acha all at once!  But the sonic confab was pretty amusing too:   Though I’m assuming Yuji’s voice received some manipulation to get that dogwhistle effect going on:  I’ve never heard that in any performance of “Navillera” […]

Red Velvet’s Irene “looks super HOT in nerdy glasses + leather jacket”

That’s the headline at koreaboo, where we read: Red Velvet‘s Irene has a natural talent for making any outfit look adorable, even when it has an edgy kick! On their way to Taiwan for their concert, the Red Velvet members were all spotted sporting very stylish airport fashion, especially Irene’s! Wearing an all black outfit that […]