Wedding Cake: Laboum’s “Winter Story” on Show! Music Core 2016-12-10

I knew there were several great stages for “Winter Story” but the one that stands out in my memory is the Inkigayo Comeback with its dazzling lighting and final tableau.  I knew there was one from Simply K-pop that stood out too but, briefly consulting the arirang k-pop channel I suddenly realized there are like four “Winter Story” stages there!  Had I ever caught them before?  And which one originally caught my eye?

Well, from that I turned to mbckpop, and here’s one I definitely watched and loved “back in the day” (sigh, is it April already?), with its grand set and Rococo costumes and everything:

Maybe I’ve even written about it before.  But it’s not the Show! Music Core episode that turned up when I did a quick (logged out) search of my own blog, before the interwebz told me my “security certificate” was out of date or someamajig.

So that makes another one I managed to archive here: and there’s a Music Bank stage too.  Perhaps while we’re waiting for “Hwi Hwi” to make it to broadcast I’ll revisit some of these.  Miss this kiss!


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