Hyoyeon’in Around: “Mystery” on Inkigayo

SM Ent’s been pumping out so many single and outright novelty tracks from their stable of artists that I never even got around to checking out this Hyoyeon debut: even though I did have a vague idea it was out there somewhere:


It’s not as exciting for me as f(X) Luna’s “Free Somebody”, which is something of a cult track around here.  Still, I have to give Hyoyeon some credit with this:  given her reputation as the Dancing Machine, this allows her to shake around in a relatively revealing “funky” attire without getting too raunchy, and her vocals, while never going to be competitive with the upper rung of SNSD, suit this material and even have a surprisingly sweet and intimate quality– sultry but not too sultry.  I guess I had always feared this would be something ridiculous but now I see it turned out pretty well.  So, props to Hyoyeon for that!


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