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There’s a music video for Loona 1/3’s “Love & Live”

–with Digipedi shooting in New Zealand and Hong Kong?  Hey idiot, did you just think this was something they were doing a special stage for on Inkigayo? Good grief.  I really wonder where my mind is sometimes.  [Ed.:  Nuclear Armageddon?  The death of Assad?  War in Korea?] Eh.  Well, maybe.  But that’s no excuse! Advertisements

Wedding Cake: Laboum’s “Winter Story” on Show! Music Core 2016-12-10

I knew there were several great stages for “Winter Story” but the one that stands out in my memory is the Inkigayo Comeback with its dazzling lighting and final tableau.  I knew there was one from Simply K-pop that stood out too but, briefly consulting the arirang k-pop channel I suddenly realized there are like […]

Laboum’s “Hwi Hwi” MV Review

K-pop’s most underrated girl group returns  with the delightful “Hwi Hwi”! As the “Honorary Producers” ‘page’ indicates, Laboum still isn’t out of the commercial underwoods yet.  A year ago, the same crowdsourcing helped launch “Fresh Adventure”/”Journey to Atlantis”, a masterpiece single that won them some well-deserved plaudits (from Nation’s First Love Suzy included), and which […]

Hyoyeon’in Around: “Mystery” on Inkigayo

SM Ent’s been pumping out so many single and outright novelty tracks from their stable of artists that I never even got around to checking out this Hyoyeon debut: even though I did have a vague idea it was out there somewhere:   It’s not as exciting for me as f(X) Luna’s “Free Somebody”, which […]