Happy Birthday Namjoo!

namjoo a11

A Pink’s glorious Kim Namjoo turns twenty-two!

apink-namjoo omonatheydidnt

Namjoo–my special love– and still so very young!

Sigh.  We’ve been through so many great times together– but I still long for more.  What is a day without wallowing in A Pink?  Fortunately, I’ve just kicked off this calendar date by watching their Pink Summer concert in full!

A Pink had a busy autumn and winter too– and now, though the darkness of the world casts its shadow over the beloved Korean peninsula, we pray and hope for the lifting of the shadow, the resumption of high spirits, and the continuation of so much greatness which has enriched all our lives.


Namjoo, I love you very much– and I always will.  May God bless you and shelter you beneath His protecting power, and may your genius always shine forth over the world.  God bless all A Pink!  God bless Korea!  Namjoo, have a sweet and happy birthday, and may all your days be blessed!

Namjoo hwaiting!


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