Oh My Gi7l’s “Coloring Book”, courtesy of M2

The individual fancams may be out, but M! Coutdown is still cranking out alternative ways to experience new singles like Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book”:


Okay, maybe the idea of a “fancam” of the whole group is a bit odd.  But can we object to Oh My Girl mugging for the camera in their leatherette shorts?


In the comments, some complain that Goddess Jiho was hiding her lamp, running off camera before we could get a good look at her.  I think she was just being considerate that her bandmates should get good turns: we get to see Jiho peeking behind Seunghee, and poor Mimi seemed to be a bit startled whenever it was her turn.

Let it be noted that “Coloring Book”, though not at the same exalted rank as “Liar Liar” or “Closer” or “Windy Day”, certainly is a fun, eminently listenable little romp.


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